New Revvi Electric Bikes for Children

Revvi Electric Bikes For Children

Revvi Childrens Bikes are the perfect battery powered bike for your little one to learn on and follow in your footsteps. With multiple bike sizes your mini can experience the exhilaration of an electric motorcycle while staying safe.

High Quality Bikes For Kids

Revvi was founded in 2015. As a company we have a huge passion for motorbikes and dirt bikes. Our main objective is to design and supply high quality kids electric motorbikes and kids electric balance bikes at an affordable price. We love seeing children enjoying themselves riding our bikes!

Heavy Duty Balance Bikes

An electric balance bike is a heavy duty balance bike with an electric motor and battery fitted to the frame. They are very light compared to other motorbikes which is great for young riders. The rider can learn to balance with out using the power like a conventional balance bike.

Backyard Riding

A big advantage to riding an electric balance bike over a petrol powered bike is that you can ride in the back garden without upsetting your neighbours due to the fact the bikes are silent.