rEVVI 12" Balance bike

FROM £315

12" Childrens balance bike

A super light electric-powered motorbike that has been specifically designed for kids, Weighing in at only 9kg’s. Start them young using the bike as a conventional balance bike with its specially designed freewheel system. Then watch them improve and progress onto the slow speed setting (5mph) balancing on their own using the footpegs. Perfecting their throttle control at the same time using the bike’s twist throttle. Once they are confident using the slow speed setting they can then progress to the fast speed setting (10mph). Features hybrid rubber air-filled tires suitable for various ground types & a chain-driven motor that delivers reliable performance.

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  • Key Features

    -Removable battery that can be changed in 20 seconds!

    -The bike is supplied with 1 x battery, You can choose to purchase extra batteries.

    -Each battery has a built-in charging port, it can be charged in the bike or away from it.

Number and Name Board Kit

Included with every bike so you can customize your Revvi bike with race number and rider name.

The kit includes:
1 x Black plastics race number board
1 x Graphic to cover the number board
1 x Sheet of letters to apply your name
1 x Sheet of numbers to apply for your number
1 x Bolt for fitment


Bikes are delivered fully assembled minus the handlebars. All that you need to do is fit the handlebars to the stem. This is just 4 bolts and very straight forward. Please see owner’s manual for more information. All of the controls i.e throttle and brake lever are already fitted to the handlebars.
Each bike comes with a UK charger, owner’s manual, and tool kit.