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Introudcing the Zero DSR Black Forest Edition

The Electric Touring Experience

Add versatility to the most versatile electric motorcycle on the planet. Load up. Prep for adventure. The Zero Motorcycles DSR Black Forest Edition is decked out with our game-changing Charge Tank, a set of premium integrated luggage and a host of adventure-oriented gear.

Tour through nature. Experience your world for the first time with seamless, silent and pure dual sport propulsion.

Longest Range Electric Dual Sport

Zero Motorcycles DSR Black Forest Edition uses our Z-ForceĀ® tech to deliver the highest power and energy density in the EV industry. Tour through nature with a range of 262 km at city speeds and 126 km when on the highway.

Grab lunch. Have a coffee. Plug in. The Charge Tank delivers up to 152 km of range for every hour plugged in. Fuel your dual sport adventure using the vast and growing network of Level II charge stations accessible across Europe.

Special Addition FeaturesĀ 

Charge Tank (optional)

Black aluminum top and side panniers

Touring windscreen

Touring seat

Dual Sport Drop Bars

LED auxiliary lights (for off-road use only)

Head light protector (for off-road use only)

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